Halal Street In Brief

Hello, we are Halal Street and we would like to offer you a new and trusted way to shop. We believe that getting a variety of certified Halal products online should not be difficult, that’s why we have built Halal Street.

We are your one-stop marketplace for carefully selected products, from producers we trust. We ensure that all the products on our website are from vendors and manufacturers that guarantee they are Halal, for your peace of mind.

Because we have strong contacts to Halal producers in the UK and worldwide, we can offer you a great variety of products (and we are adding more every day!), attractive prices, and the convenience of having Halal products delivered to your home.

Would you like to know more or need help? Chat to us on 07718 072 073 or email us here: [email protected]

Halal Street UK Ltd, Registered Address: 6 Oakey Drive, Wokingham RG40 2DT Berkshire United Kingdom

Information for Vendors & Manufacturers

We are a strong industry partner, and have built Halal Street (formerly E-Halal) on six years of market research before our launch. We are experts on market needs and trends in the UK, but also throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. We have spent years to analyse the Muslim shopper market in the UK, and believe Halal Street can offer a trusted source for carefully selected Halal products to the UK’s Muslim community.

As a UK-wide marketplace with curated products, we operate as a platform for our partners, who previously often worked on their own. With our knowledge of the market, we are able to target Muslim shoppers and offer your Halal business a new way to reach customers throughout the UK.

Benefits of joining Halal Street:

• National distribution to our customer base in the UK for your products

• Unlimited number of products listed, with product reviews

• Our marketing: press advertising, PR, search engines, e-mail, social media

• Statistics and data for you to measure your product’s performance in our marketplace

Halal Street Costs

If you would like talk through the benefits of joining Halal Street call us on 07718 072 073 or email [email protected] .

Meet Our Team

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Business Development

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Cross Cultural Copywriting

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